Already minified data should cache in Cloudflare?


In our origin server, we minify and compress css and js files. When we inspect the response header we can see the minified css with

cache-control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate

cf-cache-status: BYPASS

So, this file served from our origin server and is not cached from Cloudflare. Is this normal behavior? Should we config Cloudflare to cache these files?

Also, we can see in Cloudflare analytics that only 18% Bandwidth Saved where it’s strange because we have crate rule to cache everything in page rules

Thanks in advanced!

Your cache control currently instructs Cloudflare not to cache. You would need to change that on your server.

Hello sandro,

First off all I want to ask if it’s a common practice to cache already minified data from origin server.

After that is it possible to create a Page Rule in Cloudflare to Cache explicitly these files?


Minification and caching are two unrelated things.

You dont need to explicitly cache them, as Cloudflare will do that anyhow, unless you tell it not to.

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