Already Have ssl what is optimal cloudflare ssl setting

Hello, There is already installed lets encrypt ssl on my site by hostinger. But i am confuse which option to use from cloudflare ssl i.e. flexible , full or full strict?

This and only this.

The others are legacy settings which do not provide security and are known for breaking sites.

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Ok thanks …i have another question. I have enabled always use https from cloudflare but i have disabled force https from hosting ssl option to avoid redirection loop. Is this setting correct? Enabled full strict & always use https & disabled force https from hostinger ssl side.

You can leave your host’s SSL redirect, as the connection will be on HTTPS anyhow. But the Cloudflare settings seem all right.

Does enabling force https from hostinger ssl setting cause redirection loop? because already enabled always use https in cloudflare. I am afraid this two setting cause any conflict

No, because both will redirect to HTTPS, so there won’t be any loop. But technically you certainly don’t need the redirect on both, one should work.

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Ok thank u

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