Already have a SSL on my donain, so whould I de-activiate cloudflare SSL?


I activated Cloudflare on my site, as I wanted to replace Amazon cloudfront, and so far, have seen good improvement in my site speed. But I have a few questions before I move towards paid plans

  1. SSL:

I have seen that under " Domain Summary" SSL is live as “Full” and when I clicked on Full I was redirected to Crypto > Manage cryptography settings for your website? SSL > Full

From here I selected Off as I my site is on Namecheap and I have a Comodo SSL/ But when I selected OFF: My site went down. So, I immediately re-selected Full in Crypto > Manage cryptography settings for your website? SSL > Full, and my site was on.

So, my question is that, is my site now on Cloudflare SSL? And what if I want to use my own purchased SSL, what settings I should update?

  1. Website development issues:

My site is on WordPress CMS and we use Avada WordPress theme on it. I just noticed that my page builder feature just stopped working, and because of that I am not able to create any new pages on my site.

Now I have read that I should de-activate the developer mode from Cache, and yes that worked for me all the page-builder features on my site start working.

But my question is that whenever we have to do some web development work like creating pages, we have to de-activate developer mode from Cache? And when we do that, is the Cloudflare features gets paused?

Jatin Chhabra
Director at Santram Holidays Pvt Ltd