Already changed new Nameserver to Domain

Website moved to another hosting account on same web same Domain i already changed new Nameserver to Domain

now i want to ad my domain to Cloudflare but coming error ( already add this domain)

You will need to log into your CF account and edit the DNS records to that of the new hosting. Then change the nameservers to the same CF ones as before.

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I can’t edit it. please send me how to do it

You don’t appear to have any DNS records for the domain. Add the records specified by your new host. You will probably need A records and possibly MX records for email to start with.

I deleted my domain ( from Cloudflare and later added it again to the Cloudflare,after that my problem solved but they asking me for pay again. My next payment due date is on 8 of January 2019 so please try to solve this paying issue because i already paid for this month

That would probably be an issue for support unless anyone else has any ideas! Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

If you cancel a paid option here, you don’t get a refund. It’s only a monthly payment.

You can re-add your domain on a free plan and then upgrade anytime you want.

Back to your original post, what is your SSL setting here?

please upgrade it

You can upgrade the zone you just added, or ask Support for more information:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

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