Already being charged $200 per month with no site and trying to add site

Just started using cloudflare and have been paying the $200 business account for last 2 months. Now went to add the site as this had not been added previously and it is asking for another $200 how can I get the $200 dollars I am already paying to be linked to our website?

Plans are by domain, not by account. You can add the second domain under the free plan.

Now got it added & pending nameserver changes, thanks for pointing me in the right direction…

How can we find out what domain is added against the original $200 business account?

Should be shown in the list of domains.

This is what I see

is this what you mean by list of domains?

I was referring to the list of domains in the top menu. In your case that doesnt exist as you only have one single domain there. You dont remember how you signed that domain up?

I set this domain up as free plan yesterday as I had no domains on my account, I am paying the $200 per month for the business account.

I have a support company who do maintenance for me and they are an administrator on cloudflare but when they log in they see no domains associated with my account to administer.

So the domain in the screenshot is on a free plan? In that case you dont have any domain on a paid plan in this account. You will need to contact that company to clarify on which account they are managing your domain.

Yes on the free I need this to be on the paid plan on the account but can’t see how to add it to this paid plan. Is there a method to attach the domain to the paid plan?

The paid plan is associated with the other account. You’d need to remove it from the other account, add it to the new account, and sign up for a new business plan.

I’d suggest you better keep the old account. Go through your invoices to check which email address is associated with it.

The account is my account

As you can see the billing tab shows the $200 dollars being paid and the domain is shown on the top of the screen.

I can see that I can remove the site from Cloudflare

Should I remove here? I will still need to then associate with the $200 perm month plan.

Is that the same account as from the previous screenshot?

Can you open your domain’s Overview page and post a full page screenshot?

Yes all screen shots are on the same account.

This is my home page

I then clicked the domains from the right hand side but there are no domains on this page as I have not transferred our domain to cloudflare.

Not the main page, your domain’s Overview page.

However, if you have these $200 charges in your account I’d assume that domain is on a business plan, unless of course you had that domain in that account and removed it.

I believe at this point it might be best to contact support.

Support managed to fix the issue I was having and this is now all setup thanks all for your assistance.

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