Alphanumeric Subdomain

Dear, I am trying to create a subdomain in cloudflare and it is not working. The subdomain is as follows:

Cloudflare does not resolve this domain, I changed it to and it worked normally.

However, I need the subdomain to be
Does anyone have any ideas to help me?


I have many subdomains that follow that pattern., etc. And they work.

Can you post a screenshot of that DNS entry? If it’s an “A” Record, you can black out the IP address.

Hi sdayman,

I made the following configuration.

Thanks for helping me

That works, but the www.acesso2 probably won’t work with SSL.

My friend, I believe there should be some cache on my computer. I restarted it and zipped the caches and it really worked.
Thank you for helping me

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I just noticed your original post used acess2, but your DNS showed acesso2.

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