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Hello People,

i search a lot on forum/google, but the answers are not exactly what i see on cloudflare dashboard.
Short story, i want to allowlist 5 IPs specific, that they are a bank partnership i want to start.

On my cloudflare i have added 4 websites, so i go to Site>Security>WAF right? - [Preformatted text]( i did this
[Preformatted text](

But still, today i see that cloudflare its blocking the IPs :frowning: - [Preformatted text](
Why? what im missing?
The security level that i have is “Medium” and nothing else i have created from rules etc.

In your Firewall Rule, use OR instead of AND.

Furthermore, to simplify, you could select the “is in” from the dropdown menu for the operator, therefrom you just add the IPs into the single “value” field instead of the usage and need for the multiple ORs condition (in your case ANDs → wrong way) :wink:

If you’ve added the IPs to the IP Access Rules, then it’ll skip Firewall since they execute before.

If the IPs are ok, you can also add them as a SKIP option for Managed Rules, etc. in the WAF section of the Cloudflare dashboard.


Thank you very much, yes i had added the rules from beginning, just this “AND” wasnt working probably" i changed everything to OR and sending to bank to re-test.

Unfortunately, the IP’s still get blocked


Why? :frowning:

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