Allowlist sender on mail route?

I need to be able to allowlist sender email addresses to be sure that the emails that they send will reach my worker via email route.

Is this possible by adding them as verified email address?

Our worker script processes received emails to upload all attachments to R2, from where another process downloads them to create sales orders in an ERP system.

Sometimes the emails are rejected by cloudflare (I can see that in the email routing dashboard). In that case the email is not delivered to the worker script.

But it is very important for us to be able to receive all emails (at least sent from allowlisted addresses) in the worker script. The script should then decide whether or not to process the email.

But now sometimes emails are lost and sales orders are not created.

Is there have any solution for this?

Hi there,

If you check the Activity Log under Email > Email Routing and expand each event, you can see the reason for the drop was: SPF status=permerror.

Please review you current SPF records to fix this issue.

You can also check the settings for the current records under Email > DMARC Management, and you’ll be able to see the current DMARC SPF and DKIM policies in use.

Take care.

Hi, thanks for your reply. But my own SPF record couldn’t impact receiving emails, isn’t it? I checked the SPF record, but it’s correct: v=spf1 ~all

When the email route says permerror, then the sender should repair it’s SPF, or do I miss something?

My question is how I always can receive emails in my worker, even when they do not pass the SPF / DKIM checks. Then my worker script can decide to process the email or not.