Allowing Ports for Quickbooks Integration to Magento 2

We will need to open/allow other ports to support a Quickbooks integration for this website. The connector between the two platforms is called Webgility and they requested the following to be allowed:

Add port 1433 with protocol type TCP.
Add port 1434 with protocol type UDP.

We have completed the above on the server where the website is hosted. On Cloudflare, we created a new rule to allow those Ip Addresses and hostnames. We then tried to see if the connection would work after we implemented those things and it failed again. The only thing we haven’t done on Cloudflare is allowing those above ports. Please advise on our options or how we can allow those ports.

Cloudflare by default only supports HTTP and HTTPS on defined ports.

If you need other protocols and/or ports, you need to subscribe to Cloudflare Spectrum.