Allowing 'Know Bots', whether ByPasses WAF, Rate Limit Rules

Allowing Know Bots will automatically block unknow Bots.??? What if i get more traffic from Know Bots( like from Google, Bing etc) whether it will filter this traffic through WAF Or it will just bypasses the WAF because KNOW BOTs are allowed. ???

That rule by itself really doesn’t do anything. There’s no easy way to block unknown bots.

The reason “Allow Known Bots” is an option is if you have another rule that would otherwise block known bots. Such as blocking traffic from the United States.


What sdayman mentioned is correct. It does not do anything unless you have other rules that might block known bots.

However, if you want to bypass WAF for known bots traffic, you may set the action to Bypass, something like this:

For Example: If we ALLOW any IP, CloudFlare does not check for WAF for that IP, it will allow all the traffic from that IP. Same way, If we allow ‘KNOWS BOTs’ (like in my screen shot ), that means that it will allow all the traffic from KNOW BOTs, without filtering (WAF).???

Known bots shouldn’t trigger the WAF. Are you having any problems with search engines crawlers reaching your site?

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