Allowing access to external URL

How do I bypass calls to an external ERP url which we use to post customer orders and retrieve customer data to our website?

We are using Coldfusion to make URL get and post calls to a Netsuite ERP and it seems like every second attempt to reach the netsuite URL is blocked.

  1. Is the netsuite URL being protected by Cloudflare?

  2. what is the block message and HTTP status code(s)? Generally, CF will return HTML if it’s the one performing the block.


This is the error that occurs

The Netsuite URL isn’t protected by Cloudflare. It’s an external URL hosted by Netsuite that I post to using a CFHTTP call.

As Cloudflare generally doesn’t handle outbound HTTP requests, that netsuite error has nothing to do with your use of Cloudflare or Cloudflare Access. The error detail is “peer not authenticated”, so you probably did something wrong on your end in terms of authenticating with the server, but it’s not related to Cloudflare.

Ok thanks for that. Appreciate it. It only started happening around the same time I enabled Cloudflare.