Allowed to host software downloads R2 via subdomain?

I would like to host software downloads (exe, dmg, AppImage, zip) on Cloudflare R2 via a subdomain, size of each download is between 100 MB und 200 MB.

Is this allowed?

The page says that

If you are on a Free, Pro, or Business Plan and your application appears to be serving videos or a disproportionate amount of large files without using the appropriate paid service as described below, Cloudflare may redirect your content or take other actions to protect quality of service.

In the case of videos, Cloudflare Stream is the “appropriate paid service”, and people seem to actually have problems hosting them with R2, but what about software downloads of 100 to 200 MB? Is R2 itself the “appropriate paid service”, or am I missing something?

I want to be able to rely on the software downloads to actually work, and not be surprised some day that Cloudflare has somehow stopped serving those or throttles them due to an unintended violation of some terms of service.

Cloudflare has updated its TOS and issued the Service-Specific Terms for paid products such as Stream, Images and R2.

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