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Hi all thanks in advance for the help
i have blocked a few countries in the wap rules
a few of my clients are trying to connect from those countries
I have asked them to use whats my ip and then created a wap rule saying
allowed ip adress
I will paste the rule
(ip.src eq “ip”) them I click the skip
it doesnt seem to work what am I doing wrong
its placed above the bad country block
secondly if I want to add another ip do i click “and” or “or”
and then add the second rule lastly componenents to skip
is said
WAF components to skip
All remaining custom rules

You can do it all in one rule to block countries with exceptions for IP addresses. Better and safer than ending up skipping lots of rules trying to “allow” things.

For IPv6 it is best to allow a /64 (as some devices randomise the lower half of the address periodically).

Also note that your users’ IP addresses may change if they are dynamic or they change location so you’ll need to find another solution in that case

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brilliant let me try that

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