Allow xmlrpc connection for Jetpack

Hi there,

I have a WooCommerce site and I want to manage it through their official app. To do so, Jetpack needs to connect to xmlrpc.php but Cloudflare is blocking it and when I check the link it gives me a 1020 error.

I created a firewall rule to whitelist Jetpack IPs and AS number but it didn’t fix it.

Do you have any suggestions on how to fix it?



Take a look at your Firewall Event log to see why that URL is blocked. Expand the log entry for more information.

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I checked and all the Jetpack IPs are allowed however the app still says that it can’t load the data even though the numbers seem to show up! :man_shrugging:t3:

May I ask what is their official app? You may need to check what are their IP addresses as well and bypass the xmlrpc.php requests for them using Firewall, if so.

Is the Jetpack actually the only one requesting the xmlrpc.php, or the host/origin server too?

Have you checked, maybe you have a firewall rule that is blocking access and requests to xmlrpc.php as @sdayman already suggested?

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There’s an official Woocomerce app for iOS and Android which is made by Automattic

For what I know, only Jetpack needs it

I checked and that error was because I was blocking connections coming from different IPs that were not from Jetpack. When I disabled that rule I got the message XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.