Allow Worker to bypass Firewall

Super Bot Fight Mode is enabled for us and we are not going to turn that off. So both Verified and Automated bots are blocked and Automated Bots FW rule blocks Worker as well. We want to keep these options to be on, so I am asking for your about a best solution (rule set) to let a specific worker to bypass FW.
May I rely on IP address, is that fixed? What would be the most secure ways to let the Worker in.

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So far, I’ve not heard of any way to bypass Super Bot Fight Mode for anything. It’s either on for your entire zone (domain) and you suffer the consequences, or you turn it off. Most people turn it off because of this limitation.

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Do you think that it is not possible to set a custom FW rule to let this request in? It is strange to me. :disappointed_relieved:

Not just strange, but frustrating for many of us. We’ve tried. It’s just not possible at this time.

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As far as I know you could go on based on one of these info.

If the worker is cross-zone, then the CF-Connecting-IP is fixed.

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