Allow users to specify timezone of the time sent in health check notifications

Cloudflare Health Checks is great, it allows us to receive notifications in the event of the website down, with other information such as when was it happened, the health check name and the status code returned from the origin.

However, one of my customers requested a feature to allow users to specify what timezone the time should be written in the email notifications. Currently, the time is in UTC, so we need to do some math if we want to know the actual time in our timezone (e.g. 2pm UTC is 10pm in Kuala Lumpur/Singapore time, thus we need to add 8 hours manually to get the actual time in that timezone).


If you think this feature should be included in Cloudflare Health Checks, feel free to vote so that we can gain more attention from the Cloudflare team. Thanks!

I just look at the timestamp of the email message and it’s always a to-the-minute match of the event.

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