Allow usage of app without Google Services on Android

Currently it doesn’t even let me accept Privacy Policy throwing error toast “An unknown error occured” which is
Google Play services missing or without correct permission.”
in logcat.

Hi, sorry you’re having some issues, can you let the team know from inside the app by tapping :wbug: and submitting the detail?

I’m not able to proceed past Privacy Policy screen because of this, so can’t submit bug report via that button

I’ve already reported this bug twice now. The first response was that it was fixed however the exact same issue still persists. I reported it again with no response.

FYI: you can shake your phone while this app is active and it’ll display a prompt allowing you to report a bug.

Didn’t know about shaking thing. Sent then another bug report too.

Here’s support reply:

After checking with the team, I am afraid you can only proceed to use the app by downloading through play store, and we currently do not support any other means of using the app.

I am afraid it would not work without Google service thus.

Interesting that this Cloudflare service that promotes privacy relies on a distinctly non-privacy promoting Google services in order to function.

Guess I can’t complain about a free service. Bummer.

At least the download can be probably achieved via a simple APK sideload.

The service dependencies are a different subject.

Well, some of those services are difficult to impossible to implement. Particularly Google’s messaging service is something rather tricky.

Well, looks like I’ve also got a reply from the guy responsible for at Cloudflare which at least gives us some hope:

Apologies for the inconvenience. At the moment we use Google Play Services, specifically Firebase to identifying crashes and sending push notifications.

Our team will investigate to see if we can make the app work without having some of these services.

So, there’s still no solution even after 2 years? And the bug still occurs? Good job cloudflare. Great job.

That’s not a bug, that’s simple a missing service dependency. Make sure your phone has the required services and it will work out of the box.