Allow traffic via Cloudflare only -- Provided list of IPs isn't complete?

I would like to limit access to our server only to traffic that goes via Cloudflare. They have this list of IP-addresses IP Ranges | Cloudflare UK that can be used in firewall rules to allow access only from these IP-addresses. However, in our log I can see a lot of other IP-addresses and “whois” shows they belong to Cloudflare as well. Can someone clarify this please?

Hi @AndreyM,

That list should be complete for the IPs Cloudflare uses to connect to your origin. Can you share some sample IPs that you don’t think are on the list, but are seeing connections from?

Thank you for your answer. For example, I can see this IP address in the log and when I check it Whois Lookup Captcha I see it belongs to cloudflare, however it’s not in their list.

162 is right there on the list you linked to.

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Sorry, means 162.158..? Anything that starts with 162.158?

It’s a range, in this case: -->

Got it! Thanks!

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You can use that tool that @sdayman posted, put the range in and it will tell you the IP range it covers, if you’re unsure about any others.

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