Allow to show server ip

Hello people.

I have one problem, i bought module for web, but it have license, that cheking key, domain and ip adress.
But cloudflare dns always changing the ip adress, what can i do, to show my real server adress for one Host(Client, Visitor)?

The question is not very clear.

You bought some software that has tied the license to the public IP address for your hostname? You are asking if you can have Cloudflare return a fixed result for requests coming from the software vendors validation servers, but use the normal Cloudflare addresses otherwise?

Cloudflare addresses will change periodically, and only Ent customers could get them to be static.

The only real fix is to contact the vendor. Can you name the software you bought?

It’s custom module for LR WEB.(core on github is free)
Yes, the license server checking my domain, my module license key and ip under domain. I bot it on my own ip adress, that server using now, but cloudflare masks it, and i geting wrong ip, when im trying to use forum.
I speaked with the developer, he said that for license server i must to show ip on which i boight the module.

I know his license server ip adress, how i can add him to list or something, that he will see my real ip?

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