Allow to serve from .well-known

Hi! I hope you are doing good!

I wanted to serve content from “.well-known” currently this doesn’t work

but If I visit this ( without .well-known) it works fine.

So I wanted to make this work

Thank You!

what does “doesn’t work” mean?

It sounds like you just don’t have apple-app-site-association under a .well-known directory. In which case, just put the file under the .well-known directory.

doesn’t work mean it doesn’t show anything on page, just blank page

I put it like apple-app-site-association under .well-known but .well-known doesn’t show after I uploaded, I can see apple-app-site-association only

What’s your Are you using GitHub/GitLab? If so, is the repo public and can you share it?

I upload folder from local machine.

here is URL

here is folder structure

Here is how I upload