Allow right click to download jpeg, not just webp

We use jpegs on our site and if I right click and open in a new window the url shows that it is a jpeg but if I right click the image and download then it only allows downloading of the .webp version.

What setting controls this? I want to allow downloading of jpegs.


Image has been converted to WebP format by Polish - users will always get the WebP version of the image regardless of what extension name of the image URL.

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So will users get the original real jpeg version if I disable polish?

Just the WebP format option under Polish. But the file size may be slightly higher and not as optimized as WebP.

You’re not clear on if you want to download your own JPGs now and then, or if you want ever visitor to be able to download JPG.

Your browser signalled to CF that it will accept webp so that’s all your browser has, so you can’t save the JPG at this point.

Chrome has a devtools feature where you can switch off webp which then lets you save the JPG if you need to occasionally.

If you want all your visitors to be able to download your JPGs all the time you will need to switch off the ‘Polish’ ‘webp’ option …

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I would like anyone to be able to access the jpeg images. It sounds like you’re saying that if I turn off the webp images checkbox next to Polish then I should be presented with jpegs. But in my testing I keep getting the webp images even in dev mode.

Try clearing your browser data or incognito mode. In Dev Mode, you shouldn’t get those webp files. I just tested on my site and Dev Mode doesn’t convert to WebP once I forced a reload.

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