Allow ranges of IPs through WAF

need to allow some IP ranges through Cloudflare, for receiving a webhook.

Setting them through WAF → Tools one by one works, but I have some /28 subnets masks that are not allowed there, because:

Only an IPv4 range (CIDR) value of /16 or /24 is allowed for IP Access Rules. Use Firewall Custom Rules and IP Lists instead.

I created a list and tried adding it in Firewall rules, but it doesn’t seem to work. I also tried adding a different rule with a bunch of “IP source address is in” “or” but that doesn’t seem to work either.

Is the Allow in Rules different than the Allow in the IP Access Rules, or am I doing something very wrong?

IP access rules can whitelist more than firewall rules. The latter only work within their own context.

If whitelisting worked with IP access rules, you will need to stick to them but you will be limited to the mentioned network prefixes. Either specify the addresses individually or use /24.

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