Allow Pinterest To Bypass Hotlink Protection

Hello all,

I have the Mediavine Grow social pro plugin which allows you to add pre-set Pinterest and FB images for your blog posts within WordPress. Because I have hotlink protection turned on the images don’t show up on the social media sites when the share button is clicked on the blog post.

I am a bit stuck on how to create a firewall rule that will allow Pinterest to hotlink/scrape the images? If i turn off hotlink protection the problem resolves so it’s definitely that which is causing the issue.


You can create a firewall rule to bypass Hotlink Protection, but you’re going to have to look through your firewall log here to see which criteria you can set for the allow.


OK so, the issue I think I have is that when you click the share button. The hotlinking request is coming from the users IP, rather than pinterest. So i dont think whitelisting pinterest IP or user agent is going to do anything

Unfortunately, the firewall log doesn’t show the Referer, which might just be You could try setting Field to Referer, and then contains “pinterest”.

If anyone is interested, I managed to solve the problem by whitelisting all of the images rather than focusing on the referrer.

So I made a rule as follows

Bypass hotlink protection when incoming requests match

URL Path - contains - Then I put in a phrase “pinterest-pin” which I am including in the file names of all the images I want the hotlinking to be allowed to.

Thanks for the help

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