Allow Outgoing Zone Transfers


Cannot find where to enabled zone for outgoing zone transfers.

Login > Manage Account > Configurations => no zone is here

Please, is anyone able to help to locate where to enable it on the free plan?

Thank you.

You can’t do a zone transfer from Cloudflare’s DNS servers. You can, however, export your zone file through the API.


Thank you for your response.

I am not trying to export zone but need to Enable Outgoing Zone Transfer for the purpose of DNS Secondary configurations.

All I need is to locate where it can be enabled on the free plan. But I can’t seem to find it as mentioned on Cloudflare documentation. It got me thinking whether it is a feature not available on the free plan and if it is, where can I enable the feature?

Thank you.

This can only be done on an Enterprise plan (and has significant limitations, like not being able to use any Cloudflare proxy features).

Thanks i40west.

I had the impression it is possible on the free plan. The Enterprise Plan is very expensive. It would be better if it exist on the Pro Plan :slight_smile: