Allow Organic Traffic

Hi, everyone. I want to allow all organic traffic.
Is this Firewall rule Correct? Especially, since yandex has,,, etc., I only need to fill in “yandex”?

Should I use “And” or “Or”?

I also have traffic from Apple Podcast, Spotify, Youtube and Facebook. All they are referers? Thanks!

AND requires that all expressions evaluate to true. OR requires that one expression evaluates to true. So in this case you will want to use OR as the referer won’t contain “”, “”, “” etc. at the same time.

However, I strongly recommend against simply allowing all requests with a referer matching those above. It makes it trivial to bypass the Cloudflare Firewall and is one of the first things an attacker will try. If you decide that’s alright, then I would recommend simply setting a lower security level in the first place.


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