Allow only certain devices, block all others

I am new to Cloudflare. I want to only allow access to my domain and subsequently all subdomains from certain IP addresses (i.e. my mobile phone, my wifes mobile, our home wifi (which would cover every device on that wifi) , etc)

I wasn’t sure if this is possible.

The reason I want to do this is it is just a resource for our family and I want to block everyone/everywhere else from even coming close to seeing it.

That sounds similar to how I have some of my domain set up. I use Access. It’s free when it’s fewer than 50 users.

You can set up an “Application” which is really just the front door to a website. I have a Policy that does a Bypass (lets me right in) for my Home IP address, and an “Allow” for my family’s email addresses. So if you’re on the road and hit your website, you’ll get a login screen asking for your email address. Then it’ll email you a login code and you’re good to go. It’ll even remember you for up to a month, regardless of where you go with that device.

Give a go and post back if you need more pointers on getting it working.


For reasons I don’t care to get into right now, mainly because it took me forever to get it correct and frustrates me to talk about it, I can’t go with that option, which is why I wanted to be able to basically only allow certain devices.

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Does your host have an option to password-protect a site?

No. Because I’m using my domain/sub domains to log into resources. Those resources are protected with 2FA but I was wanting to go one step further and only let through the devices I want to let through in Cloudflare firewall.

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