Allow list IP Address in Cloudflare

Hello I need to allow a singular IP address on Cloudflare, where do I do this in my account?

You can do this generically in your Firewall settings:

Is there a specific product you’re trying to create an alllowlist for?


Yes, WP Umbrella to add a new site to my dashboard.
WP Umbrella - Brave 2022-04-27 at 9.57.53 AM

That should be as simple as adding an IP access rule as defined in then. :+1:

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I still get the same message despite doing that. I do believe I added it correctly on Cloudflare. So I’m waiting on support from WP Umbrella to get back to me.

My host told me to disable Cloudflare for bit and when I did, the connection applied correctly. But I still want Cloudflare active for this domain.

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