Allow IP Exemptions in security rule

I currently have a rule in place “Block all requests outside US”. How can I add IP addresses to allow certain users outside of the US to access my site?

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Thank you emanova! I actually found it yesterday and it looks to be working well. I appreciate the help! :slight_smile:


I would like to allow certain IP addresses. In the tab IP access rules it’s written: “IP, IP range, country name, or ASN”, however I’m unable to add any IP address. Or anything but a country from a list. The select field take values only for countries from the list. I want to add IPv4 address. Where can I do that? Documentation shows it should be possible here, so does field descriptions. What am I missing?
What I see:

I also added a rule to custom rules by setting a IP source address with skip action, but a bot I want to allowlist still can’t get trough. It gets “Enable JavaScript and cookies to continue” error.

Is there a way to allowlist IP address or another way to allow a bot to continue? The site is on free tier for now.

You’re in the right place. Just Copy/paste the IP address into that field. When you paste it, you will see the IP address just under the field you pasted into, click on it. Then under Action choose Allow (or whichever action you’d like this user to receive), under Zone select This website, add a note (I normally enter some info about who the IP is for), then click the blue Add button. It should only take a few minutes and the user with that IP should be able to access your site. See screencap below:


Sorry, I mean to add that I said copy/paste the IP, but you can type it into that field as well, once you type it you will see what you’ve typed below it, click on it.


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