Allow Google server ip's in firewall

Does cloudflare have a set of Auto Firewall walls?

For example I want allow all Google Ip’s such as Search, Merchant Services, API’s etc.

I have blocked many countries. However doing this prevents Google accessing my site from some locations and therefore my services received are limited.

There’s lists here Obtain Google IP address ranges - Google Workspace Admin Help but I dont know if its updated and If Cloudflare had maintained lists for server groups this would save me worrying if I had them all and updating them.

It should all be covered by “Known bots.” Not a guarantee, but it’s worth a try.

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Yes… I saw this earlier, however it “looks” like only search engine bots… And not inclusive of all Google servers including API’s and Merchant services for shopping purposes… The list I have above looks to cover everything, but is it included on Cloudflare?

Known Bots is the closest thing I can think of.

Thanks, its certainly worth adding, because that needs taking care of too.