Allow firewall rules not working

I have added several allow rules on the firewall, AND OR one is the clients IP address the other is the url they are hitting in their Magento admin system.

It doesn’t matter what I add it doesn’t allow them to save the page in admin

If i turn the firewall off, it does.

Why does the rule not work?

Please post a picture of your rule.

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HI, Thanks for helping here’s the rule

For starters, try putting those IP addresses in Firewall -> Tools as an Allow.

Also, to see why the firewall is blocking them, check Firewall -> Overview for the log. If Firewall is blocking them, it should show the event and what rule was triggered.

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Hi Thanks for the advice, It is set as an allow rule, The activity log is useless because this site has thousands of visits every hour, so I can’t spot a single line entry without pulling a report, Is there a way to get a static report out of the firewall?

If not I’ll have to find something better.


At this time, your firewall rule was configured to block, right?

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