Allow country is unable to visit the site

I have a Firewall rule which allows only Canada, US, UK, Australia, and Saudia Arab to access my website and I can see it can be accessed from all except for Saudia Arab, I have even added a new rule specifically for Saudia Arab but it still won’t work, any suggestions?


Can you post a screenshot of each of the firewall rules?

this is the rule that I am using for blocking all countries except a few;

Ok, that looks good. Are all Saudi users not getting through? If you can get an exact time the were refused, check the Firewall Events Log and see what blocked them.

thanks sdayman, it said the request was coming from the Netherlands :), (even though the IP actually is from Riyadh, SA).

Well…there ya go. Now the trick is to find out why it thinks it’s NL. is where I look up IP ownership and location.

What type of county and site are require to visit for AR App Development

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