Allow CNAME pointing

My domain serves flexibility to use customer’s domain by pointing a subdomain CNAME to my domain

When I proxied my domain via Cloudflare, all requests from the subdomain setup is giving an error page

# Error 1016 
## Origin DNS error

How can I allow CNAME pointing to my domain?

CNAMEs do not work in a proxied context, as Cloudflare needs to know about the domain and needs to be able to match it to an account, both of which it cant do in a CNAME context.

Either unproxy the original domain (:grey: instead of :orange:), given the webserver is properly configured CNAMEs should work then or get your customers to create a Cloudflare account themselves.

Alternatively - if it is applicable to your business case - you could sign up for a partner account, in which case you can create CNAMEs.

This is practically not possible to create CNAMEs manually for all customers. There are hundreds of customers.

Is there any other solution? Or I should disable the proxy on the root domain?

I already addressed the proxy part. If you disable that you can point CNAMEs, assuming your server configuration is correct.


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