Allow Cloudflare IPS with range on hostinger

hi , i have website hosted at hostinger seems cloudflare ips are getting blocked by hostinger so searched about the problem i found that i have to allow cloudflare ips from my hostinger account by the problem is hostinger ip manager is only for valid ip with no range , can you tell me how to allow cloudflare ip with range with .htaccess or what to exactly


This would depend on how Hostinger is doing the block. Changes to .htaccess may work in the case that your origin is returning 403 errors to Cloudflare. However if this is a network level or L3/L4 firewall block then that would mean that Cloudflare traffic isn’t even reaching your web server (and any .htaccess blocks/allows). I would recommend that you reach out to Hostinger to find out how this block is implemented and what changes can be done on their end to lift it. Ask them to help you allow the IP ranges listed here:

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