Allow CCBill to properly credit my users after payment

I am new to Cloudflare but I have set it up and it works great! A couple days ago, a member of my website tried to renew her membership. I use CCBill and CCBill took the payment but my system did not issue her added days to her membership. I called CCBill and they gave me a list of IP addresses I needed to whitelist. I have done that. They also said the following - - - -

Additionally, firewall needs to be disabled as well as the redirection (requests need to be coming from our, whitelisted, IP ranges).

I questioned her on the firewall being disabled and she told me that what was meant was to whitelist the above IP ranges. All is good on that front but my last question is the “as well as Redirection” meaning to disable redirection. I do not have redirection of any kind enabled as far as I’m aware unless Cloudflare redirects automatically in some way. I do redirect for non-www to make it www on the server but that has been enabled before I went to Cloudflare. Currently Cloudflare is disabled but I wanted to get an answer to the redirect issue.

Does Cloudflare redirect url’s in some way automatically that would screw up a payment transaction through CCBill. Any help in the final configurations of allowing CCBill to work is much appreciated


Actually, to clarify, I think she was talking about redirection of IP addresses *see comment in the parenthesis. - Jason

Hi @Jason57, I don’t see any redirects in your configuration and no, we don’t redirect automatically. It may be worth double-clicking on the comment to specifically clarify if there is a redirect they’re seeing or if it was just a general trouble shooting comment.

Beyond that, we have seen some questions about ccbill and have a #CommunityTip that is work in process. The Tip could use feedback and input based on your experience,
Community Tip - Best Practices for Configuring CCBill with Cloudflare. Post back and let us know how you’re progressing & any suggestions for improving the tip.


Hey thanks. I will review the tips. I’m going to re-activate cloudflare late, late tonight and try a couple of charges to see if everything is working correctly. I’ll let you know what happens. Yes, I think it was a general trouble shooting idea.They were not seeing a re-direct…

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