Allow APO to handle multiple domains with SSL 4 SaaS

With the release of SSL 4 SaaS / CF 4 SaaS to Non-Enterprise Customers some very interesting usecases became available for those customers - like us.

As recently some technical issues were resolved (Page Rules could not be configured for any alternate hostnames) the one thing left to supercharge the Cloufdlare 4 SaaS experience is APO.

I would like to address these APO limitations. I understand that this feature is worker based.
What I do not understand is why that should not work for the SaaS zone as well as for the alternate hostnames. As far as I understand the worker and API docs it should not be that hard to make this work in APO. The worker API allows dedicated caches which could be host based. And the CF API allows the validation of the alternate hostnames already.
Although that API feature is flagged enterprise only, it does work on SaaS enabled non-Enterprise zones. We tested that.

What troubles us is the following:
I could either benefit from the PRO/BIZ features using SaaS OR APO. Which honestly does not make sense. I do want BIZ + APO for the SaaS zone as well as all alternate hostnames. This would bring the most benefits to the sites behind the alternate hostnames. I also would pay more than the $2 / Alternate Hostname to get this working :wink:

We did some benchmarks and actually BIZ as well as APO do a fair share of improvement performance wise on synthetic tests. But not being able to leverage both … that really hurts.

I do understand that we could implement a worker solving this. But this feels like reinventing the wheel when you already have everything there up and running with APO. Just missing a tiny bit of code to allow dedicated caches per alternate hostname. Yet this is only an educated guess.

What we did already is open a Github Issue with a Feature request within the WordPress Plugin. As WordPress is our primary middleware. Yet this would not do any good, as long as CF APO does not support this: Feature Request: Add CF for SaaS Support in WP Multisites (incl. APO) · Issue #447 · cloudflare/Cloudflare-WordPress · GitHub

I would kindly ask you for a feedback on APO for SaaS (sounds nice, doesn’t it? :rocket: ). If this is something you might consider or if you totaly reject such a request / idea for what (strategic) reasons whatsoever. For us (and many others?) this would be a massive benefit and one more reason to use CF 4 SaaS by leveraging more from the higher CF plans.

Looking forward for any experiences, oppinions and votes :slight_smile: :+1: