Allow All Google Bots Crawler

Hi guys, i’m struggling with the security (and while adding all google bots crawler ip address to firewall rules).

First, i found a small trouble in Lighthouse "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)".

I guess google bot is prohibited from rendering images and blocked by Cloudflare. Maybe it’s because i’m activate Server-Side Excludes on Scrape Shield menu.

But i’m not going to deactivate that feature because it’s very useful for me.

Previously I chose to allow all Known Bots to make it simple.

After that, i found a person have issues that causing overload on they server (, so i deleted that rule back.

I prefer to add all google bots crawler ip to my firewall rules, i’ve found all google ip address on here :, source :

But i’m little confused about this :

  1. What if I add all google ip to whitelist, is there anyone can take advantage of the security gaps? Because someone saying this :

  2. How to add all ip address into 1 rules? Do I need to upload all ip address list on my server? Which rule field should i choose?

Or there is any other effective solution? Please help, many thanks. The problem on

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