Allow access only through specific Cloudflare edge locations


So I’m using Cloudflare Spectrum and I would like to know if it’s possible to allow connections only through specific Cloudflare edge locations.

Why? Because the datacenter where my server is located offers only good national bandwidth.
The national bandwidth is 100Mbps and the international bandwidth is 2Mbps.

So I want to enforce connections to go through the Cloudflare edge locations within the country only.
Be aware I’m not looking to block foreign clients.

Any ideas?

Your best bet would be Argo Smart Routing | Dynamic Content | Cloudflare UK, though that is not a guarantee either that you’ll be routed where you want to be routed.

Anything else won’t be an option, particularly because you do not want to block connections from abroad anyhow.

What protocol are we talking about and what plan level are you on?

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I thought you couldn’t use Argo with Spectrum for the same connection.

I’m on a Pro plan, so 2 TCP ports, “SSH” and “Minecraft”.

Argo and Spectrum might not play along, but Argo would have been the closest you could have got with “custom” routing. Otherwise you need to rely on the default routing and in particular with these two protocols you couldn’t block PoPs - though you wouldn’t want to do that anyhow.

Spectrum actually should work in combination with Argo

Cloudflare Spectrum | Accelerate traffic and prevent DDoS attacks against TCP/UDP services | Cloudflare UK

Though it could be that this required a higher plan. Best to contact support/sales to clarify that, but still, it would not guarantee what you want.

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