Allow access by ip and port


I`m studing home assistant and for now, I need allow access by ip and port, but I couldn
't use this ports:

And I can access by ip, how I can configure allow ip and open some port?

You would have to use an Origin rule to send the request through one of the ports on that Network Ports list out to the desired origin port:

I try this (I put ip and other port to print, its others values)

But didn`t work, there some example to how todo this?

To use ip and port? Some picture would help

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How did you verify if it was working or not?

Have you tested it in a Trace? Trace won’t let you set the IP address, but if you set it to something like just the hostname, it should show you a match, then you can re-test it with that hostname setting to see if it works.

I tried use the ip by website ip and the port I set in the rules.
LIke the image I sent before.

I need a ip and port to use.
Because I’m using a pallet in node-red and my lib need this to access.