Alleged cloudflare issue - blog not working

Suddenly my site ‘philipchudy dot com’ is fine but ‘philipchudy dot com/blog’ and ‘philipchudy dot com/blog/wp-admin/’ (WPress)

I get ‘too many redirects’ - same thing with the WP admin dashboard. .

This page isn’t working

‘philipchudy dot com’ redirected you too many times.


The website ‘philipchudy dot com/blog’ had active SSL connection from Cloudflare server SSL certificate installed, You can contact them and inform that it was working on site but admin console was redirecting with error, So I tried to reset it with cache clear and it stopped on website too, They will connect it for you

I am not tech savvy - and have no idea what I should do

I went to my Cloudflare panel and turned off SSL. I cleared the caches and put it on developer mode for some time - but nothing changed

I did nothing to the ‘philipchudy dot com’ website via Ipower control panel - nor did I do anything with the Wordpress control panel which controls the blog. I gather the blog might be treated differently in relation to SSL by Cloudflare than the main site but I in my ignorance have no way of knowing whether this is indeed a consequence of something with Cloudflare

Appreciate any help/advice

It’s a mystery - after a while the problem simply went away and I clicked on the links and they worked again. Probably there are no lessons or takeaways - I am not sure