All websites in The Netherlands getting 520 & 522 error

Thnx, i will go to sleep now.
And i hope when i wake up the connection has been fixxed.

Please note: Some hosting providers have called on their customers via Twitter to switch off Cloudflare when they have problems.

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Same here two of my websites both on their own Dutch VPS was having problems all day. The second I turned off Cloudflare it worked like it should again. So it is temporary fixed for me but thought I should add this to add to the list :wink:

We are already hours away, which we can call almost days away and there is still no solution. We consulted with our team that if it doesn’t work before 2:00 AM GMT+2, we are forced to disconnect all our websites from Cloudflare.

Update: If you’re still encountering issues, please share a Ray ID if you have it and the name of the affected zone (if you’re comfortable sharing it here, otherwise, I can have the team find it.

Update: if you’re still encountering an issue, please let support know on a ticket, and select get more help. Please share the ticket number here. And, give Support a RayID if you have one.


it seems the problems are fixed! :slightly_smiling_face:
All my other CF-secured sites are don’t give a timeout.

However, there is no issue listed on the Cloudflare status site. And I am curious what exactly was going on.

I am happy that it has been solved, but personally it took too long before it was solved.

Seems to be working again

Been working on it for a long time and still having problems…

Error 522 Ray ID: 4e52101f8dcc9cb1 • 2019-06-11 08:05:28 UTC

No change for us - still seeing intermittent issues on our sites. Real slow load times and mostly SSL Handshake failures.
Sites without Cloudflare enabled (gray cloud) are going through no issues. All sites are at the same origin host.

Error 502 Ray ID: 4e5226891c72d905 • 2019-06-11 08:18:05 UTC
Error 520 Ray ID: 4e52294b1f9f2c16 • 2019-06-11 08:19:58 UTC
Error 525 Ray ID: 4e5229c0ac122c16 • 2019-06-11 08:20:17 UTC
Error 525 Ray ID: 4e522e52dbfb2c16 • 2019-06-11 08:23:24 UTC
Error 525 Ray ID: 4e5230a818652c16 • 2019-06-11 08:24:59 UTC
Error 525 Ray ID: 4e5233f0fa822c16 • 2019-06-11 08:27:14 UTC

We’re not experiencing any issues at the moment. Not sure if it’s fixed definitely, because the issue might pop up again like yesterday, but at the moment it looks a lot better than yesterday.

I am still experiencing problems But rerouted traffic.

As additional information, when I acces my load balancer subdomain via port 80 everything is okay, expect that my server does not handle port 80 requests but I get the error page. Traffic over port 443 is not Cloudflare timeout.

Just for the record: since yesterday 10 June 2019 I had 522 errors on my website
hosted by Neostrada. They looked at my problem and forwarded me to the Cloudflare Community because it looked like it was a Cloudflare problem. Today at around 11 am Cloudflare is working again.
No explanation from Neostrada or Cloudflare.

Updates on what is/was wrong would be appreciated.

Not forgetting to mention it on Nobody likes it when statuses are being faked. Thank you!

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Hi everyone,

Currently, I have shared all the information I have on this, I understand the issues caused and I hope that more info will be shared soon.

Thank you for your help by reporting this issue and again, sorry.

To those still experiencing issues, can you please share details and Ray IDs with support.

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Thanks for your continued updates.

Don’t want to speak too soon but it does seem to be OK now, performance back to normal and no handshake errors from what I can see.

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Yes, I’ll share the analysis once the team has it.

Edit: The team found an issue with a peering partner. Traffic returned from that partner path wasn’t making it back to Cloudflare and resulted in the error. We’ve made routing changes and advised the partner of the issue so that they can address.


Ok thanks.

But can someone explain why it took so long to identify? Don’t you monitor this at all?

We’ve lost a lot of money because of this.

Because it was not a problem on Cloudflare’s network, I doubt it would be picked up in the same way. I don’t speak for Cloudflare, but I would guess that because it was a peering partner it would be them that would notice the issue rather than Cloudflare.

Suggests to me that Cloudflare probably didn’t see the issue until it was reported.

Don’t know for certain though.

I guess all they can do is apologise (which I believe they have), but again the issue does not appear directly to have been on Cloudflare’s infrastructure.

I believe that if you are on the Business or Enterprise packages then there is some kind of uptime guarantee and credit, but I don’t know if that would apply here as it was an issue with a peering partner.

Who was the peering partner ?

Afraid I have no idea, and I don’t know if CF will release that.