All websites in The Netherlands getting 520 & 522 error

Hi @user6503,

Sorry for the issue, can you please confirm if this is still the case as Cloudflare had a network issue recently which is now resolved. Also, what is your reason for saying that it is ‘ALL websites’ in the Netherlands?

If it is still not resolved, here is some information about the errors:

A 520 error occurs when the connection started on the origin web server, but that the request was not completed. The most common reason why this would occur is that either a program, cron job, or resource is taking up more resources than it should causing the server not to be able to respond to all requests properly.

Review the Quick Fix Ideas in this Community Tip for troubleshooting suggestions.

A 522 error typically happens when Cloudflare requests to the origin (your webserver) get blocked. Review the suggestions in this Community Tip for troubleshooting ideas.

Now already, multiple incidents have already been reported and EXPLICITLY said that it is a problem in the Netherlands region.

Could you please stop referring to the quick fixes and other general fixes with 520 & 522 (because I tried them all already) and start taking this issue seriously???

I’m having trouble with all my websites in the Netherlands on different host providers.

So again: Users in the Netherlands are having issues with their websites running through Cloudflare. Please, start taking this serious!

The quick fixes are generally very helpful and do help users to solve their issues. We are not staff but volunteers trying to help out, if you would like to contact support, please login & go to and select get more help. Please give Support the complete details and link to your Community post.

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Done that already 10hrs back.

Perhaps post the ticket number here so @cloonan can track it, but if you have already contacted support, not a lot else we can do here. Sorry.

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@cloonan my ticket #1698471

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Thank you, @ikzelf, I see the ticket and details. Was your host able to see/confirm any of the 520 in their logs that the origin web server was throwing during this period?

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I’m experiencing similar issues to Ikzelf with two websites as well. and

Both websites are loading forever, and sometimes giving the 524 error, while speedtests of both websites indicate a really fast website…

I’ve analyzed the access log but cannot find anything out of the ordinary there. Looks like the request doesn’t even hit the server or the server gives an ordinary 200. I see requests coming in from Cloudflare IP’s but not sure where they are located. Like said before, from another country it works fine (see the post by @JoeyZo, Canada works), I’m running through a US VPN to make it work for me.

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Thank you @ikzelf, sorry for the issue you’re encountering & we appreciate you alerting us to it. The team has escalated the investigation and I’ll post back on this thread when we received feedback.


Just checking in also.

Same issues all day today (9:00am 10th June). Nothing has changed on our origin host and I’ve confirmed resources aren’t maxed. Seeing the SSL Handshake failures and Cloudflare error pages intermittently thrown from the Amsterdam edge at Cloudflare.

Took one of our sites down to DNS only on the control panel and that site has been without issues.

Looks like we aren’t the only ones having issues?

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Thanks for letting us know that you are also facing issues and sorry about this. As @cloonan said earlier, an update will be posted here once more information is known.


Same here. Please investigate and fix this ASAP!

Thanks for letting us know, @user1122 - I know they are looking into it.

Sorry for the issues.

@domjh Thnx. But why is there not a issue created on about this problem?

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Very good question and I am afraid I don’t know the answer! I guess it may be because they are not sure if there is an issue and want to do some checks before they publish something there. There sometimes is a bit of a delay between reporting and an update appearing there while they do a first look into the issue.

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Sales have taken a hit all day. This day can be seen as failure. I don’t get why it takes Cloudflare so long to identify and respond.

Quite probably because they don’t know what the issue is, they have to try and reproduce and verify the it and they have to confirm that it is a Cloudflare issue and work out what is causing it

This is complicated by the various different errors that people are reporting etc.

Once all that is done, if they find an issue, they have to work out a fix and push it out.

All this is quite a time consuming process!

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Thnx, i will go to sleep now.
And i hope when i wake up the connection has been fixxed.

Please note: Some hosting providers have called on their customers via Twitter to switch off Cloudflare when they have problems.

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