All websites getting 0 traffic at same time 2 nights in a row

Hello, I have about 30 sites on this free Cloudflare account. Roughly 10 of them get decent to very good traffic, but 2 nights in a row at 5am Cloudflare dashboard time (anyone know what time this is Central time?) my traffic on all sites goes to 0. I have contacted my hosting and they say there are no issues on their end and to ask Cloudflare, but as a free user there is no customer support option.

I do notice the GSC traffic is down on the sites and know there is an algo update going on, but I have been doing this a long time and have never experienced Google just not sending traffic to all my sites for a few hours, maybe this could be the answer for 1 site, but I highly doubt it is the answer for all the sites.

Any idea what this could be? At this point my best option might be to pause cloudflare tonight and see if it still happens, dont really know what else to do.

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks

Cloudflare Dashboard displays in local time (your system time) and shows the offset from UTC time. Central Daylight Time (CDT) is 5 hours behind UTC. If you’re referring to CST (Central Standard Time), it’s 6 hours behind.

I suspect it’s a sync issue with the analytics dashboard. Do your server logs show any unusual activities during the downtime.

Thanks for replying, I have struggled to get hourly traffic numbers from my hosting but did get some, they gave me a 10 hour window and in each case the first hour and last hour numbers were less than 10% the other hours… so again I think there is just some sort of problem with calculating the stats during the start and stop of when they did it (not sure why I can’t see hourly graphs anywhere in my cpanel but thats another matter)

Now that I look at the cloudflare graphs in mid day I can see they look the same with 0’s for the most recent hours… so it appears I just need to come to grips with this being a traffic loss due to the algo update and nothing more