All website and registra records gone for almost a week, no response on ticket. Lost one of our records today

Almost a week ago, our website and DNS records disappeared from our account. We have a standing ticket opened for DAYS and there have been no response.

This morning one of our critical records disappeared, while the outage is happening.

I suppose we are forced to upgrade to enterprise support and then switch to a better registrar.

Hi @mark81, I see your ticket and added some notes. Sorry for the issues & no, you should not need to change the plan. It does not appear the zone was ever active on Cloudflare, I don’t see a name servers confirmed notice in your account nor do I see a change at

I do see an icann warning clientTransferProhibited that may be affecting the change of name servers to those assigned by cloudflare. That hold needs to be cleared at your registrar. I don’t see that there are any zone through Cloudflare Registrar, however.

Please excuse the confusion. I just clarified with our team that our registrar data is with godaddy.

What we did have is our dns record and zone data that went missing a week ago. You can look through our audit logs to see that we have continuously updated our dns records. But that data no longer show up in our account.

Please advise.

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Hi @mark81, thank you. Yes, I see the records in the audit log, but I don’t see the confirmation of nameserver change. I see there are three nameservers currently assigned. Can you contact godaddy and remove the one non-cloudflare nameserver from the mix? That will leave just the two assigned in cloudflare.

And, I do see the zone in the superadmin account as pending nameserver update. When you intereact with godaddy, can you also ask them to remove the extra nameserver and the icann holds on the domain? The holds may be preventing the change from taking effect.

Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Domain Status: clientRenewProhibited
Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited

Hi @mark81, no there is no reason to change the registrar, you just need to change the nameservers to the two assigned in your cloudflare account (just remove the non-cf name server). A whois on your domain shows:


You can change nameservers online at godaddy. Once you remove the non cf name server, in theory the site should become active on cloudflare. But, sometime icann holds prevent name server changes from taking effect and your registrar can remove those holds (and put them back on for you once the site is active on cloudflare.

Thank you @cloonan, we have recreated our website and re-imported our zone data, and are able to access them for the moment. We’ll continue to work on this today and get back to you. Thank you for being so responsive so far.

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Fantastic. I’ll be afk for a bit but will keep an eye out on progress. Sorry for the troubles with this.

@mark81, I see the note from Support, can you verify that you’ve removed the non-cloudflare nameserver NS3.DIGITALOCEAN.COM?

Hi @cloonan, this is now done. Please let us know if everything is good from your end. Thanks so much.

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Fantastic! Thank you, @mark81. I just checked and the non-cf name server is gone and the records appear to have been restored once the domain came back on to cloudflare. I’ll let the technical support engineer review the ticket and close it with you to ensure you’re good to go, but it looks good to me.

Thanks so much for seeing this through @cloonan!

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