All the subdomains of my domain are pointed to a Cloudflare IP even without Proxied

So what happened, I opened my website as I regularly do, then it didn’t loaded and only showed Privacy Policy. I thought I was an error due to Proxied, so I unproxied it. But then also it was same. So I clear cache of Cloudflare, but it was also same, then I checked the IP of my subdomain using site24x7 and it was Then I putted another subdomain which was also pointing to the same IP without being in the DNS records list. So what is they way to solve this?

I believe this isn’t related to Cloudflare but to your domain registrar. looks like the IP where the domains are pointed to once you forget to confirm your email when the domain is registered at Resellerclub (or any other registrar that belong to that family).

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