All the “A” records are resolving to the same CloudFlare IP

Each of our “A” records has a different IP address, but all of our “A” records are resolving to the same IP address.

That is expected behaviour. Any :orange: hostname resolved to a number (usually two or three) of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, and they are normally the same across all hostnames on a zone and on an account. In reality, all Cloudflare IP addresses will work successfully for any Cloudflare proxied hostname.

Is it causing you a problem, or is it just an observation?

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Thanks for your help

This is causing a problem.

We need our dev & old sub domains to go to those ip addresses. This just started happening?

Change the :orange: to :grey: and the records will return the address listed.

You will no longer receive any performance or security benefits from Cloudflare.

Is there not a way to have the different A records have the orange cloud and resolve to the proper ip address?

Not for most users, and it should not really make any difference.

If you want Cloudflare (or any CDN) to deliver, optimise and protect your site or application, then the IP address users see must be a Cloudflare IP address. Cloudflare then proxy the requests to your origin using the IP address configured on the DNS dashboard.

Could you explain what you are actually trying to achieve?

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