All Subdomains going to redirect website

Hi! I recently attempted to move my domain to Cloudflare for DNS to take advantage of the free SSL as I only need it to make sure people can use https://snack.ies to get to my Twitch channel.

However, I’m not sure what I did but every subdomain (email. and shop.) now also are just redirecting to Twitch. I’m sure this is already been asked somewhere but I’m having trouble looking up what exactly I need to search to help find an easy walkthrough to fix.

Hope I’ll be able to get directed to the right area. Thanks for reading. loads fine for me.


Something I did was go through and remove the proxy for the email related and shop related DNS, and now it just isn’t connecting to the shop at all despite Fourthwall (my hosting company for the shop) saying everything is connected. I’m going to give it a little bit of time and see if it just sorts itself out.
My easy email subdomain seems to now properly redirect!

Just added another reply to the thread, but that’s so weird. I just tried on two different browsers and a whole different computer and it still isn’t loading for me, but thank you for checking and letting me know I figured out a workaround!