All subdomains are not worked after using cloudflare DNS


hi,everyone.i have some problems with cloudflare DNS setting.

i just transferred my domain to CLOUDFLARE,and it was successful .now the problems are:

1,all subdomains are not working properly,there are more than 100 subdomains,because I was using my domain on ,there are free hosting users,all their sites are DOWN. i can’t add all subdomains 1 by 1 on cloudflare…

2,it seems like I won’t be able to use other name servers other than cloudflare DNS,my domain registrar is now with cloudflare,my main reason to transfer here is the price ,but does that mean I MUST use cloudflare DNS if i keep free plan?can I change to and ns2 ??

thanks everyone,this is really crazy,i made a mistake…


this is also the question i need to know.
i have just successfully transferred a domain to cloudflare,but now I have no idea how I can change nameservers to other place instead of cloudflare.

Transfer to Cloudflare domain problem

Currently, only Cloudflare name servers are supported for domains transferred here. That was a requirement for the transfer…but they are working on a way to use other name servers. No announcement on when that will happen.

You can use the API to add subdomains:

Or just import a BIND file:


i understand when we do the transfer we must use cloudflare DNS first,but the thing is the transfer was already finished,if I can’t use other DNS or I have to pay for it to upgrade my plan in order to use other DNS,then i lose my current domain,it became useless,because all subdomains are not working,i have more than 100 subdomains. only thing i can do is to transfer again after 60 days.i can’t believe this.


i can’t import anything,because the subdomain or records are created automatically,not possible to do that everyday or every hour.
for API,omg,too difficult