All requests shall pass firewall rule?


Please see the 2 attached screenshots. You can see: 17 millions requests/ last 24h. But in the firewall rule, the total request is around 1 millions.

It means 16 millions requests doesn’t pass firewall rule?

Thank you!


The second screenshot shows only the requests that matched one of your Firewall Rules, and therefore triggered an action.

All requests pass through the Firewall Rule, as well as several other Cloudflare firewall protections, if enabled for the zone and requested URLs, as can be seen in the chart:

Thank you bros,

I setup firewall rule base on country. So if any requests can pass my firewall rules, they maybe come from out of this planet?

Well, if i want all requests need to be passed my firewall rules, could you help me to guide?

Thank you!

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