All Requests Have Stopped Going Through Cloudflare - NEED HELP!

Does anyone have any idea why this would happen?

Would you mind telling us the domain?

Did you recently change something?

Your root domain is behind CF IP addresses and redirecting to www. But www is a CNAME pointing to which is not served through the Cloudflare network.

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I didn’t change anything that I know of. I’m not a pro in this area, but I have my domain hosted on Google and I’m using the shopify platform for the website. I’m unsure of where these CNAMEs etc are supposed to be pointing to. I would call Cloudflare for support, but I didn’t see a number listed anywhere.

Shopify just migrated to Cloudflare, so users here now have their Shopify DNS entries set to :grey:.

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Oh, so is there any reason to keep my Cloudflare account active then? Now that Shopify is using them, what else do I need my own account for?

You get fast DNS for your domain, and if you add any subdomains, you can put them behind Cloudflare. Annnnd…you can use Cloudflare Registrar for your domain if you so desire.

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