All queries are resulting in NXDOMAIN

Transferred my domain to Cloudflare today. It seemed to work fine at first, but I just noticed queries on the domain are returning NXDOMAIN and it appears as if there are no records available.

Domain was hosted on Cloudflare before it was transferred without issue. This only started happening about 5 hours after the transfer completed.


May I ask you to post and share your domain name in bracketed dot [.] notation here and URL example to the particular resource with us so we could double-check, troubleshoot and provide some feedback information? :thinking:

Was the DNSSEC feature working on your domain name before transfering the domain?


Not sure what you mean by “bracketed dot notation” but the domain name is

Yes, DNSSEC was enabled and working prior to the transfer.


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Your domain has the clientHold status. You need to contact your registrar to find out why.


The domain registrar is Cloudflare.
Already contacted them, they told me to post here.

Just noticed that whois info there seems outdated.
It was transferred from GoDaddy to Cloudflare yesterday.

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You are correct, the information seems outdated.

Whois (commandline) shows Cloudflare registrar with Domain Status: serverHold as the actual status.

You should open a support ticket for that I guess.


Thanks. Again, already opened a support ticket and they told me to come here. I will add that to the ticket and see if they respond then.

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Any idea what could be causing the serverHold?
Cloudflare still hasn’t responded to the note on my ticket.
Domain’s been unreachable now about 16 hours…

Sorry for the issues @corpulent I will flag this post and your ticket 2864089 for my Registrar colleagues.



Looks like the serverHold is gone, but still getting NXDOMAIN.
Only response so far from Cloudflare was they’re escalating to registrar team.

Going on 28 hours since this problem started, still waiting on response from Cloudflare after the escalation.
Not sure how long I’m expected to have everything down because of a registrar transfer?
Kind of regretting my choice of Cloudflare as registrar…not a fun introduction to their service.

Anyone have any other suggestions?
Still haven’t heard back from Cloudflare, I have no idea what’s going on.

Your expectations of “at-cost” domain registration may be unreasonably high.

You are only going to frustrate yourself (and others) by repeatedly posting “Are we there yet?” The best thing to do is wait for the next response from Cloudflare. Posting here before Cloudflare responds won’t lead to faster results.

You may want to reframe your expectation to a scale of days, rather than hours. I also would not expect a response on a weekend.


Unfortunately, I think ICANN’s rules don’t permit me to perform another transfer for at least 60 days, meaning I’m stuck with a nonworking product.
So, I guess at least for now I can let everyone know the level of service to expect from Cloudflare as a registrar and not to commit any important domains to their care?
Is that the suggestion?

The site’s not huge, but we do have about 2k unique visitors a day (30k requests) and for the last 48 hours they’ve only been getting NXDOMAIN errors.
I did get an update from Cloudflare letting me know there is no update, I’m trying to get a time estimate so I can decide if I need to try and transition everyone over to a new domain name on a different registrar.
I’ll also be looking into an ICANN Contractual Compliance complaint or possibly seeking a waiver for the 60 day transfer waiting period if this can’t be resolved soon.

I really wish this let me edit posts:
But I just noticed the serverHold is back on the domain.

Domain Status: serverHold
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Domain Status: serverTransferProhibited
Domain Status: transferPeriod

Cloudflare has core areas where they are able to deliver unrivaled levels of expertise. Domain registration is an adjacent addon offering that, like Cloudflare Email Routing, may make sense in certain scenarios, but is definitely not a core service offering.

Whether or not using Cloudflare registrar is the right solution is not something with a blanket answer. There are plenty of domains using it without issue. You can also find direct suggestions to use another registrar, any other registrar.

When viewed as an add-on to one of the free or nearly free Cloudflare plans, which includes Pro, you know the level of support is going to be generally aligned with the support on the corresponding subscription. Pro has a goal of responding to requests that starts at five days. If you need faster response than that, a Business subscription is required.

I don’t know what the contract between ICANN and registrars requires or if it would even be worth contacting ICANN. My money would be on it being a poor use of your time, but my opinion might be worth exactly what you paid for it. :smirk:

I see two good candidates for using Cloudflare registrar:

  1. Hobby domain that can afford to be down for a week if something goes wrong during transfer
  2. Enormous domain portfolios held by clients on an Enterprise agreement

I don’t see trying to save under $2.00/month on a domain registration as worth the hassle of the risk.

Despite my opinion on the suitably of Cloudflare registrar, I am sympathetic to the disruption that you are experiencing. That’s why I’m following this topic. I am hopeful that it will be resolved.


Thanks for the reply and clarification on your first post, I appreciate it.
I guess reading their marketing copy ( I thought it was a more serious product.
Do you think moving to a Business subscription would provide faster support in this case? I would definitely be willing to make such a switch if it would speed up resolution.
Or since the registrar services seem detached from their subscription model (and rather attached to the “Websites” area), would it make any difference?

You already received a support response the day after your initial post. This means you are already on the best pace you could hope for even with a business plan. You are at the stage where the only thing that can be done is to wait. I would not buy a Business plan predicated solely on the hope that it will lead to a faster resolution of this support incident.

If you see value in the whole of the plan, it is certainly worth subscribing. I would wait until this situation is resolved to avoid the potential for resentment over misaligned expectations.

Cloudflare Registrar is a serious product. It’s also one where casual users often have higher expectations than appropriate. The words:

At-cost pricing


Cloudflare Registrar will only ever charge you what we pay to the registry for your domain. No markup and no surprise fees.

clearly establish that offer as economically constrained. The people writing content content for a lowest price campaign aren’t being tasked to emphasize the inevitabilities of the race to the bottom strategy.

As can be deduced from example 2 in my earlier reply, the potential negative impact is heavily diluted for those with large domain portfolios. Both the distribution of risk across many domains and the likelihood of larger customers subscribing to an enterprise plan creates a considerably different impact should one domain transfer encounter a disruption.

Hang in there. Cloudflare has many talented and dedicated people who care about the work they do. Tomorrow brings a new week and I am optimistic.